What To Know When Choosing a Custom Outdoor Sign  

Neon signs have been a staple for businesses since the 1920s. These eye-catching features add immediate interest to any storefront. Choose the right sign and it will become a cornerstone for your business’s branding, creating immediate customer recognition. So how do you pick the right design for your custom outdoor signs? Read on to find out!


If your sign incorporates letters, consider how far away it will be viewed from. You may need larger or smaller letters for the best effect. The smallest recommended size for neon is four inch high letters with a readable distance of 150 feet.

Color Theme

Neon is available in an absolute rainbow of colors. However, you want to make sure the color palette works with your decor. You can choose colors that coordinate with existing features for a seamless look. On the other hand, you may want to pick contrasting shades for the biggest visual impact.

These signs are typically placed against a black backing or clear Lexan. Keep in mind that colors such as bright yellow can visually ‘bleed’ in neon and may make lettering hard to read. If you aren’t sure, contact us and we can advise you on the best use of color.


Some of the sign styles we offer include:

  • logos
  • abstract designs
  • functional shapes like arrows
  • images
  • seasonal greetings
  • flashing signs
  • words

If you choose word signs, we can create them in both block letters and cursive.


One important question is whether you want the sign indoors or outdoors? If you want an attention-grabbing outdoors sign, it will need to be placed in a location that’s protected from the elements. Otherwise, choose one specially manufactured for outdoor use. At Jantec Neon Products, we convert indoor to custom outdoor signs for an additional fee.

Practical Concerns

Weight: Large signs may be heavy. Consider where you can securely install them. Not every wall is a good choice.

Power: Our signs will need access to power.

Running Costs: Neon is power-efficient. Our signs typically cost under 20 cents a day to run.

Zoning: Some areas have zoning restrictions over the size and placement of these signs, particularly outside features. Brush up on local laws.

Safety: Neon signs are made of sturdy glass. They should be placed where they can be admired, not bumped into.

The Perfect Sign With Jantec Neon Products

For decades, Jantec Neon has been creating one of a kind signs that are both functional and glowing works of art. We offer a wide range of neon signs including:

  • custom designs
  • vintage themes
  • window borders
  • and more!

Are you ready to light up your business? Contact Jantec Neon today for a custom sign!