The Best Selfie Locations in Bandung

Bandung has never run out of tourist attractions to see. This natural development owned by the Flower City is always magnificent, particularly in the era of vibrant social media today, people like to race to flaunt photos in the very best place to make friend list on Facebook, Path, and Instagram to drool. Bocan can be frequently like this and also encourage the new ‘hobby. We will tell the great selfie places in Bandung.

Barusen Hills

The attraction that is also visited with all the Barusen Hills household that is famous for its iconic love park, besides there is also a swimming pool that’s situated at an altitude that gives another sense of swimming.

Barusen Hills also offers a cute, intimate park, it is quite acceptable for Boers that are looking for a romantic excursion that like it. Just imagine the beautiful flowers of color are organized in the form of a heart. Hills, anyway this place is really tiny! As far as the eye can see only the beauty here. Guaranteed, come home from here complete memory because of most photographs. The HTM to the Barusen Hills itself is quite affordable, only IDR 15,000.

Jl. Ciwidey Margamulya, RT. 1 / RW. 6, Panamilan, Ciwidey, Panunggu, Ciwidey

Tel: 0878-8914-1319

Pinisi Resto

Next, to the lake, Pinisi Resto includes a building that looks like a pinisi. The most selling of the place is, of course, the scenery is quite enchanting, and the atmosphere is calm soothing. Pinisi Resto is soft opening about July 2016, the price of entry is IDR 20,000, plus IDR 10,000 deposit. The place itself is adjacent to Situ Patenggang, just the entrance gate is different. From the main gate, toy still has to cross the road around 4KM which divides the tea plantation. Pinisi resto and Glamping Lakeside are all complimentary.

Aside from being able to picture the keceh on the boat, there is yet another beautiful photo place that has just been built, that’s a suspension bridge! The price includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner prices at Pinisi Resto. Nicely, but if Boboers only wants to have an excellent coffee when looking at the perspective of keceh, just pay for the entry ticket along with the depot.

Tebing Keraton

Tebing Keraton could be attained by motorbike or Small car to achieve its peak. Although in the middle of the street sometimes Boboers have to return and be’compelled’ to ride motorcycles by bicycle cab drivers who hang out there because the parking lot above is full, sometimes you can pay attention to keep this up. Really this is just for sharing the luck together with the surrounding people. The bike taxi fare is usually around IDR 50,000.

The unique thing is from Tebing Keraton is by being at an altitude, the top of a cliff, you can enjoy the Green of the hills and trees in front of the eyes, particularly when the fog Comes in, really like a country above the clouds.


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